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Sienese Recipes. A journey in search of traditional dishes and wines in the Siena region

Autore Sara Testi.
Codice ISBN: 978-88-7542-113-7
Anno 2007
Pagine: 72
Formato 12x22 cm
Argomenti Eno-gastronomia, Cultura.
Prezzo € 6,00

"The recipes collected here speak to us of a world that is now very distant, a world in which it was important to have imagination in order to make a meal good as well as tasty, starting from the processing of simple and natural ingredients, products linked to the crops and seasons, which could also become monotonous and repetitive.
They speak to us of a world of a little more than fifty years ago, when the link with the land was still very strong, and one’s diet varied according to the season.

They speak to us of a world in which food was eaten in a different way. Working from sunup to sundown, people ate more often...

They speak to us of a world in which, even if the raising of cattle was very common – to the point that today we can still boast of one of the best bovine species raised for eating, the “Chianina” breed – their meat was not used for domestic consumption, but only for sale...

Collected in such a way as to leave a testimony, a sign of our past, these recipes come from different parts of the province of Siena, mainly from the rural areas with their holdings, villages and towns. The two ladies who put the work together are Sienese: they grew up amid the fragrances of the kitchen, one of a restaurant and the other of a family with a remote history of farming. They are not cooking “experts”, but their knowledge of the Sienese rural world has accompanied them along this brief journey backwards in time, in search of the secrets of competent housewives who, with their alchemy, modelled flavours whose ancient taste still remains today in Sienese cuisine."


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