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Recipes of Pratomagno. The Flavours of our Past (English edition)

Autore Viviano Venturi.
Codice ISBN: 88-7542-067-X
Anno 2006
Pagine: 72
Formato 12x22 cm
Argomenti Eno-gastronomia.
Prezzo € 6,00
What, once upon a time, and not so long ago for that matter, was the scope for which people worked (to put sufficient food to eat on the table) was also a cult, often the only pleasure in the day, however miserable the meal might be.
Today, eating seems to have become an unpleasant necessity, a physical obligation which cannot be avoided, and which must occupy the least possible time. Unfortunately, taste has also been flattened along with food, and sating oneself with hamburgers and hotdogs is sincerely not the height of delight.
Quite recently, the defects of the new system of living have surfaced, and people have once again begun to feel attracted by what they knew in the past.
Luckily, the rediscovery of typical local products has been under way for several years now, in clear-cut opposition to the constant and inexorable advance of total globalisation.
Throughout Tuscany and above all in the Valdarno, much work has been done to rediscover everything good that the rural culture had once produced.

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