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The Museums of the Maremma. Guide to the Network of Museums of Grosseto (English edition)

Codice ISBN: 88-7542-085-8
Anno 2006
Pagine: 40
Formato 17,5x26,5 cm
Argomenti Arte, Architettura, Storia, Eno-gastronomia, Cultura, Archeologia, Turismo.
Contributi AMAT (Associazione dei Musei Archeologici della Toscana) ().
Prezzo € 4,00
This guide to the museums and places of interest in the Maremma region is meant to be a kind of “compass” for exploring this extraordinary part of Tuscany. In the Maremma, art can be admired in all its forms, from the most ancient, precious testimonies of centuries past to those of modern times. Works created by human hand and by the wondrous forces of nature are a demonstration of the vitality of this area. In nearly every town of the province there is an exhibition space of some kind, where the history of that fragment of land and its people is told with amazing wealth and variety. Every page of local history comprises not only the priceless heritage of prehistory and the Etruscan era but also the remains of the mineral and metal extraction and working tradition, which, dating back centuries, is very much a part of the evolution and natural environment of this part of Italy.

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